December 01, 2011

Save US Women's Professional Soccer!

Here's a cause we can all support!

Check it out at - here's a summary of what they're petitioning (as quoted from

Why This Is Important

Women's Professional Soccer faces a serious threat to its existence in the United States due to the latest decision by US Soccer which is requiring the league to have six teams in the next 14 days for the 2012 season. The league currently has 5 teams and is in danger of losing its sanctioning from US Soccer despite the fact that the league already has strong indications of expansion for the 2013 season.

Like any league, WPS has certainly had its growing pains but is looking ahead to a bright future. The league had a great 2011 season with many positives as several WPS Clubs broke attendance records. Women's Soccer has gained unbelievable awareness and interest all across America after the success of the US National Team at the World Cup and the high level of play throughout the WPS. Every player on the 2011 World Cup Roster has played in the WPS and benefited from the day in day out training and weekly competitive games in what has been up until now, the best women's soccer league in the world. Some players would have never been in the National Team frame if it weren't for the WPS. The WPS brought them the exposure and the platform that they needed to push to the forefront and represent their country at the biggest stage in world soccer. Without the support and Division 1 sanctioning of the league, the league will not be able to uphold and retain its Top domestic and National Team players as well as International Stars.

And what does this mean for your daughter? Or for your little sister? Your cousin? Your friend? WUSA has folded and we have recovered. But to see Women's Professional Soccer fail twice would surely mean the end. The opportunity for the millions of young girls that dream of being the next Hope Solo or Alex Morgan will never get the chance. All because US Soccer did not back the league that is playing in their back yard. That is producing and bettering their players for not just today, but for the future. The league and owners cannot be forced with their backs up against the wall to bring someone into the league who is not the right fit. This has become very clear. These 5 owners are committed and have fought tooth and nail, putting in millions of dollars to see the league succeed. The players have sacrificed their whole lives to become a professional athlete and live out their dream-the dream that could be crushed in just a matter of days. Growing a new league takes time and patience, especially a women's professional league. Time and Patience to grow the fan base and build each market. Time and Patience to tweak business models, and find their niche in their respective markets. Rome wasn't built in a day; neither will the WPS be. The WPS needs full support and backing from US Soccer to make this go.

The league would simply need an exemption from US Soccer for one year of the 6 Team Requirement. Please help us, and sign this petition to put pressure onto US Soccer to support their OWN players in their OWN country for the development of Women's Soccer not just for today, but for tomorrow and years to come."
 You can sign the petition here.

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