February 07, 2012

Where's all the football in football science?

Robbie's latest and greatest on the football website fourfourtwo (click here):

"In the last 20 years, we’ve witnessed a revolution in sports science and technology – identifying and fine-tuning almost every aspect of the modern footballer. But to me there’s something missing. Where’s the football in all this football science? ... "


December 01, 2011

Save US Women's Professional Soccer!

Here's a cause we can all support!

Check it out at Change.org - here's a summary of what they're petitioning (as quoted from Change.org):

Why This Is Important

November 30, 2011

Thanks to soccer bible FourFourTwo for inviting Robbie to write a science blog on-site! His first post can be found here - and has garnered some pretty interesting comments so far ...

(it's worth checking out - head over)

November 28, 2011

Our Thoughts on Adidas' New Football Boot

Adidas has a new football boot, to be released in Australia next year. What makes it special? It contains an embedded microchip that transmits information from the player direct to the coach. Pretty flashy, right?


But what valuable information could be obtained from a boot? I asked Robbie - being a scientist that studies soccer performance - what would he want to know for the $338 USD price tag?

October 19, 2011

In The Conversation, October 2011

And just in case you haven't been following our latest and greatest soccer research, here's a piece we wrote for The Conversation - including a review of the biggest dive in history!