Our Mission

soccerscience.net is an innovative, independent consulting company created and directed by Robbie Wilson, PhD.

Robbie has decades of experience in performance research, culminating in a full-time academic position at one of Australia's top research universities, the University of Queensland (UQ). He formed soccerscience.net in 2010 to bring new direction to research on sporting performance and has since worked with footballers from national and international teams in the UK, Liechtenstein and Australia. In undertaking this work, Robbie collaborates with scientists at UQ and overseas.
The aim of soccerscience.net is:
  • to understand the physiological and behavioural foundations of individual and team footballing
  • improve traditional training protocols
  • enhance selection criteria for young players
  • benefit individuals, coaches and soccer academies in Australia and overseas.
Working with soccerscience.net gains your team access to innovative, science-based training protocols; testing of individual players and analysis of team game performance; and a tailor-made guide to improving performance.
If you think you might like to work with Robbie and his team at soccerscience.net, please contact us at [email protected].