January 31, 2011

Testing Player Skill in Coventry City Football Academy

Recently, Robbie was in Coventry (UK) for a week working with Dr. Rob James from Coventry University. Robbie and Rob have been long-time collaborators in the area of performance ... and this time their work took them to the Coventry City Football Academy.

They tested several
teams from the Coventry City Football Academy - the U18s, U16s and U14s. Overall, more than 40 players participated in the series of skills tests in Robbie's protocol. The players were of very high quality, and were great to work with.

Robbie and Rob want to extend a special thanks to all the coaching and technical staff at the Academy for their support of our soccerscience.net work. Robbie was well looked-after while in Coventry. Special thanks go to Mark Noon and the head of the Academy Gregor Rioch.

Results for all players tested will be following in the next few days.

Written by Amanda Niehaus, PhD

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