December 30, 2009

Liechtenstein - Wall-Pass Passing Performance

The table below shows the results of each player in the Wall-Pass Passing Test. Each player was given 45 s to complete as many wall-passes as possible, whilst alternating between left and right footed passes. The maximum number of points that can be scored with each pass is 6 points, and the time limits the number of wall passes that can be attempted during each trial. A player is allowed three attempts at this performance test and the average across all is used to determine the best performing individual.

The test
See video here of test:

The results

How to interpret the table
Player: Each individual player’s unique identification

Maximum Points: The highest score achieved by an individual across the three trials.

Average Points: The average score achieved by an individual across all three trials.

Rank: Each individual’s rank based on his average points.

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